June 8, 2020

Gurugram’s Drinking Water Crisis- The Way Ahead

It’s no secret that Gurugram is running out of safe-to-consume water options. City’s groundwater levels are critically low, leaving thousands clueless on how to deal with the situation. While Gurugram relies heavily on packaged drinking water to meet the needs, adulteration and duplicity in the highly disorganized sector impose a great health hazard. Read more to learn how a truly Indian mobile app has brought the solution to overcome this dire situation. 

In the last decade, Gurugram has witnessed a startling 82% decline in its water table. The average groundwater level in the city is over 36 metres, a few areas being worse at 50 m. At the very beginning of the past decade, Centre Ground Water Board (CGWB) issued a warning categorizing Gurgaon’s water levels as “exploited”. It further insinuated the decline in water tables are worse than Delhi. To bring to your notice, as per Niti Ayog, Delhi is one of the cities that will run out of water by the end of this year. It’s ironical that a city with the highest Human Development Index in the country struggles to meet its citizen’s water needs.

Gurugram’s population has multiplied by manifolds in the past few decades. The city offers innumerable job opportunities and millions flock to the city in the hope of a better future. And rightfully so. But to serve this huge of population with alarmingly low water levels is next to impossible.

This has brought millennials in a tight spot. The situation has led them to rely on packaged drinking water. On an average, Gurugram consumes 50, 000 bottles of packaged drinking water every day- households, hospitals, institutions, colleges, and corporate combined.

However, an RTI filed in 2018, revealed that 50% of packaged water is spurious. FSD tested 15 packaged drinking water samples between 2015 and 2018 and found seven to be misbranded. To sum it up, the packaged drinking water distribution sector in the city is too disorganized to keep a check on the purity and safety of the water delivered. Also, there are concerns over the storage of these bottles. Since plastic tends to react with water after a certain temperature.

The need to get access safe drinking water is more significant now than any other period in the history. Corona has crippled the strongest and cleanest of the countries all over the world and it will take us a long-long time to get rid of the virus. Hygiene is no more a luxury; it has become our only chance to survival. These times call for no compromise on cleanliness and purity in everything that we consume.

There are already too many things in life to deal with. Being sceptical on a glass of water should not be one of them. OwO is the answer committed to resolve your water issues. We procure the safest and purest water bottles directly from the manufacturers, thereby eliminating any dubious activity at the distribution levels. Further, we pay special attention to the logistics of these water bottles. Right from sourcing bottles from the manufacturing plant to delivering them at your doorstep, OwO uses temperature-controlled infrastructure, be it the warehouses where the bottles are stored or the delivery vehicles that carry these bottles to your doorstep.

OwO is just not any other mobile app out there. Apart from delivering the best of the brands via an unparalleled supply-chain operation, we have also pledged to make a positive impact on society. Making monetary profits will always remain our second business goal. Prime being transparent to the Indian public at all levels. We are committed to establishing a conducive environment, serving our customers with the best and looking after the underprivileged sections of the society.

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