How COVID-19 Will Change the Face of Delivery Services in India?


TheCOVID-19 pandemic has left a huge impact on multiple business functions. While almost every industry, right from manufacturing to software service, has been brought to a halt, the delivery service industry has become more relevant than ever. The otherwise ignored supply chain vertical has gained an appreciation for the relentless assistance it has been offering in these hard times. With the major shift in the business landscape, experts believe that the delivery services will adapt to ride through these uncertain times.

Facing a surge in demand to new delivery requests with each passing day, businesses are expected to adapt a few major practices to optimize their delivery routine.


  • Masked & Hygienic Delivery Experts


Hygiene is the prime concern of consumers these days. Rightfully so, no one desires to transact with companies who aren’t upping the state of their delivery guys. PPE-kit and mask equipped delivery guys are the need of the hour. Supply chain experts see this trend not going away anytime soon.


  • Properly Sanitized Warehouses or Storage Facilities


Consumer sentiments have evolved overnight with the onset of COVID-19. As they continue to spend significant time on home-based activities, the demand of online shopping and delivery has increased by manifolds. Leading e-commerce companies have observed that their loyal consumers are demanding an update on the storage facilities. Websites and Mobile Apps are regular upgraded with the live sanitization status of the infrastructure and service providers are continuously monitoring the sanitization practices followed in their warehouses and even the vehicles that are being used to deliver the goods ordered.

  1. Supply/Delivery Route Optimization

As it is the time for high-volume deliveries, organizations need to go above and beyond in planning the delivery routes. Barcode route management to track progress and deliveries, as well as ensuring the correct package is always picked up or dropped off is helping delivery service providers score some major points on their scorecard.


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