Is Your Bottled Water Safe?


Do you often deliver packaged drinking water from a local vendor because you don’t trust the tap water in your home? Are you somebody who thinks it doesn’t matter where you order your water from till the time it’s coming in those jars from reputed brands- think again!

The unethical standards followed in water delivery sector is not a hidden fact. Just because it’s a jar of Bisleri doesn’t mean it’s authentic. Lack of coordination, poor infrastructure and not-so-specific regulatory rules worsen the situation.

While the quality standards of bottled drinking water are set by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), only a handful of water vendors follow the protocol. There have been continuous reports of concerns being raised about the implementation or enforcement of these standards.

So that bottle of Aquafina that you order from your local water vendor or that retailer right outside your society might be giving you an early access to drinking water. However, the purity and authenticity of such bottles and water are always in question. That vendor who brings you those jars of your favorite brands might be quick, but how does one decide that it actually comes from the real packaged drinking water brands.

There have been numerous reports of packaged water adulteration across the country. According to a research, even the mandatory standards are not being enforced in the water demand and supply industry.  The reason is huge population size and implementation gap for enforcing science-based mandatory standards in India.

This improper monitoring leads to unseen adulteration in water delivery industry wherein vendors refill branded bottles with groundwater that you didn’t want in the first place. And no that seal on the top doesn’t qualify for its quality.

So, what’s the solution? OwO is the answer to all your water-related problems. We not only procure packaged drinking water directly from government-approved brands, such as Bisleri, Aquafina Kinley, Divyajal and other manufaturers, we stock it up in temperature-controlled warehouse. These controlled units help us ensure that the plastic jars aren’t exposed to the direct heat and no chemical bonds are released in your water. OwO promises to deliver only pure & safe packaged drinking water reaches your doorstep.

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