Exciting Business Opportunity

Join India’s First Water Tech Company as FRANCHISE for 20 Litre’s Water Jar Delivery Business.


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    • Start your Business with an investment of Rs 1,00,000/-.
    • Marketing Support (Application & Customer Traffics with Leads).
    • You should have your own godown and GST number.
    • Previous Experience in Water Delivery or FMCG Distribution Business.
    • You should have your own Delivery Vehicles.


    Keeping You Updated

    • Choose your subscription plan. Change as per your need.
    • Request available service.
    • Track your water consumption and quality 24×7.
    • Set reminders for daily water consumption.
    • Check TDS Level Live.
    • Chat with customer support.
    • Refer friends and earn.

    Our Products

    water purifier monthly subscription- King Top
    purifier on rent- Excel Pure
    purifier on rent- Classix
    water purifier rental service-Emperor

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