Top Packaged Drinking Water Brands of India

PackagedDrinking WaterTop Packaged Drinking Water Brands of India

With each passing day, the need for getting access to pure & safe drinking water attains a new height. Factors, such as poor groundwater quality, contaminated tap water leave people parching. Access to clean water for drinking and sanitation purposes is a basic human right. Unfortunately in India, the struggle to get the adequate water supply stares right in the face of millions.

Off late, many Indian consumers have moved on to packaged water brands to keep the drinking water problems at bay. According to an article published by the Trade promotion Council Of India, the Indian packaged drinking water market is expected to reach INR 4.4 lakh Cr by the end of 2023, from its current value of INR 17.7 thousand Cr. That’s a whooping expansion at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 20.75% from 2018.

The Hindu Business Online reports more than 5, 735 licensed packaged drinking water brands across India. The list doesn’t even include the unlicensed and unauthorized ones. Though the number of packaged water bottlers is considerably higher, the unorganized delivery model creates major trust issues among consumers. In a country, where the packaged drinking water demand is expected to increase by 15% each year, there are only a handful of reliable players that have garnered the trust of consumers.

So, if you are someone who avails packaged drinking water services, read on this article to know about the top brands that have penetrated the market successfully.

1. Bisleri

Bisleri- the name is synonymous with quality packaged drinking water in India. A Parle offspring- Bisleri rules the bottled water market in India. It acquires more than 40% of the market share and is going to stay the top choice of consumers for years to come. The brand offers water in various sizes, ranging from 250 ml bottles to 20-liter jars. Want to place an order? Click here.


2. Aquafina

           Not many are aware that Aquafina is a flagship product of PepsiCo. It has a huge loyal consumer base who swear by the brand’s water taste. Aquafina claims to follow a rigorous purification procedure that removes substances and elements that affect the taste & quality of water. You can now order your next bottle of Aquafina online on the OwO app.





3. Kinely

Kinley is a trusted name across India. The brand is owned by the leading beverage conglomerate Coca-Cola. The unique taste and Coca-Cola’s huge fan base led to the brand experience instant success since its launch in the Indian market. To get your next lot of Kinely water, visit here.


4. Bailley

A product of the renowned Indian FMCG giant- Parle Agro, Bailley is widely preferred as a source of drinking water in India. Since its launch in the year 1993, Bailley is known for the purity it brings in every drop. Available in various sizes, including 250ml, 500ml, 1ltr, 2ltr PET, as well as 5ltr and 20ltr jar, Bailley recently revamped its brand personality. You can order your next lot of Bailley here.


5. Evocus

Available in a jet black color, Evocus has managed to create ripples in the minds of packaged drinking water consumers in India. The brand is categorized as premium water and ensures a soothing, soulful experience to the consumer. Enriched with 70+ minerals, Evocus has is alkaline and brings a refreshing feel to the normal water. Want to try the intriguing packaged water? Order here.




6. Patanjali Divyajal

Since its launch in the year 2017, Divyajal is a new entrant in the packaged drinking water market in India. Though comparatively younger, it has caught the attention of the Indian public. It is an offering from the house of Indian Ayurveda leader- Patanjali and is demanded for its unique taste. You can buy it here.



7. Alkalen


Another brand that makes it to the premium water category is Alkalen. The premium-enhanced water promises to restore the acid-alkaline balance in the consumer’s body. It’s free from any artificial ingredient. The natural composition has a niche consumer base in India, which seems to grow only. Shop it here.




8. SmartWater

Smart Water- the brand that changed the world looked at packaged drinking water. Vapor-distilled for purity, the brand promises that it has added electrolytes for a unique taste. A smart hydration choice for every occasion, Smart Water is known for providing hydration to support everyday replenishment. Make a smarter choice with the smart water update. Order here.

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