Why Bottled Water is not The Villain?


Defined as the driving force of the nature by scientists, scholars, nutritionists, and health experts over centuries, water is one substance that no living being can do without. So, when you know how water benefits you, what’s standing in your way to keep drinking? A lot of people say, it’s the lack of access to pure & safe, great-tasting water. It’s time to try packaged drinking water.

Over the past few decades, bottled water has been projected as the villain it never was. Popular to the contrary belief, packaged drinking water is a safer option to fulfill your water consumption needs.

Yes, we agree that the unorganized water delivery sector needs instant reform to overcome the recurring contamination and duplicity issues. But if you go deeper, brands such as Aquafina, Bisleri, Kinley and others adopt highly-refined quality measures to meet the standards set by the honorary Government of India. The rigorous testing and refinement procedures to maintain the adequate pH and TDS levels in the water these brands supply make their respective offerings one of the best choices to meet your drinking water needs.

As mentioned earlier, the dubious practices in the water delivery system in India is a major concern for millions of packaged drinking water consumers across the length and breadth of the country. Local packaged drinking water supply vendors have been caught filling in the unclean, unfiltered, poor quality water in the empty cans. It primarily happens because each can of the bottled water is recycled for use for up to 10-15 times. The reuse limit varies from brand to brand. However, since packaged drinking water brands are not directly involved in reaching out to consumers, the distributors adopt unethical standards, thereby maligning the entire packaging water brand industry. Truth be told, it’s not the brands that try to dupe, it can be your vendor though!

Then there is the issue of all these bottles being exposed to the unbearable heat. Plastic is known to break down and mix into the water when stored under direct heat or sunlight. It’s the lack of proper infrastructure, delivery mechanism and proper quality checks that these bottles are mostly left out in open or delivered in a delivery vehicle that has no temperature-control feature.

A lot of people argue that ROs are the way out. Honestly, they aren’t. ROs use the filtration system that can’t differentiate between the good and bad minerals & nutrients. RO-filtered water is stripped off even the most basic macro and micro nutrients, such as potassium and other TDS that are beneficial for your body. Top of that, there is the regular and limitless water wastage. For every 1 liter of water that RO filters, it wastes approx. 3-5 liters of water.

The question remains what can be done to get access to the pure & safe water. And the solution is OwO. OwO directly sources packaged drinking water from the leading brand, thereby eliminating any quality-related issue. Further, the bottles that are procured from brands are stored in a temperature-controlled warehouse to ensure that bottles are protected against the direct & harsh sun rays & extreme temperatures. Not only this, OwO has a fleet of temperature-controlled delivery vehicles to ensure that bottles remain away from the sun and other external environmental elements.

OwO’s water delivery fits into your schedule. You can select the delivery day and date as per your choice. This takes away the repeated hassle of calling your water vendor or retailer over and over again and wait for your delivery. You get your order delivered when you need it. Try OwO’s services now and experience the benefits of packaged drinking water firsthand.

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