OwO is truly an Indian entity, committed to staying Indian for its entirety. Geared up to establishing ourselves as the most reliable micro delivery app in the highly-competitive e-commerce space, we are working towards creating an ecosystem that is aimed at the betterment of the people of India.

With a team full of young, dynamic, and vibrant individuals, we are motivated to bringing disruption in the packaged drinking water delivery industry with our unique 3Cs approach.


In our efforts to ensure that only the cleanest water is delivered to your doorstep, we have implemented state-of-the-art infrastructural facilities, including temperature-controlled warehouses. Further, our direct alliance with the leading packaged drinking water manufacturers gives us an edge over the unorganized water delivery sector. We follow government-approved sanitization & hygiene standards to leave no stone unturned in bringing only the safest water to you.


Maintaining integrity at all levels of operations while we remain transparent & honest to the Indian people is an elemental part of OwO’s day-to-day functioning. We intend to stay at the top of the charts when it comes to customer satisfaction and set a new model of excellence that will set new precedents in the industry.


Caring for its customers along with the fellow Indians will always stay at the helm of our business operations. To ensure that the essentials that reach your doorstep have zero heat exposure, we have deployed AC-delivery vehicles. At OwO, monetary profit will always remain our secondary goal, prime being- giving it back to the society. We don’t hesitate in going the extra mile to ensure that the lesser-privileged are looked after. That’s why we have decided to share a considerable amount of profit to look after the families of the gallant and valiant freedom fighters and martyrs who laid their lives for the nation. Our goal is to bring 360⁰ changes to the existing economic and social conditions and make India shine brighter on the world map.

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